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We represent registered nurses at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton at three sites: the Charlton Campus, the West 5th Campus and the King Campus.

Local 75 Office Address:  406 – 393 Rymal Rd. W., Hamilton, ON   L9B 1V2
Telephone:  905-389-3277905-389-3277 / Fax: 905-389-3071     
Email:  local075@ona.org

We represent more than 1,600 registered nurses and we will do our best to answer your queries in a timely manner.

Please refrain from using your workplace email address for union business – use your personal email address to contact your union representatives.

If you’d like to be added to the Local 75 email distribution list, please email local075@ona.org.


It is ONA’s position that COVID-19 requires airborne/droplet contact isolation. The PPE that ONA recommends, when caring for a presumptive or confirmed case, should include; an N95 mask, face shield, impermeable gown, extended cuff gloves and the right environment which could include a negative pressure room or HEPA filter.

Although the hospital has changed the isolation precautions from airborne to droplet, ONA members should request and receive an N95 mask when caring for these patients.

There is a variety of research that does support the use of N95 and from lessons learned from SARS the “precautionary principle” should be utilized

As a RN your clinical assessment of the patient symptoms would support the request for an N95.

Because N95 is required for staff for CPR, invasive procedures, intubation, ventilation, bronchoscopy, and for high flow oxygenation, we believe this supports the need for readily available N95 masks.

Readily available does not mean  having to call the supervisor to unlock the room on the unit where the masks are locked away.

Please notify the union if your request for an N95 is denied. Email local075@ona.org

Again ONA provincial leadership is working with the other Unions to lobby provincial government and health agencies  to demand that N95 masks and appropriate PPE be utilized for presumptive and confirmed Covid 19 patients and this is based on the data and research that ONA  health and safety experts analyze

Please check the employer Covid 19 link every shift that you are working because the information is changing frequently


Angela Spiler R.N.
President/Local Co-ordinator
ONA Local 75
St.Josephs Healthcare,Hamilton

Phone  905-869-2513
Office  905-389-3277
Fax      905-389-3071
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Ensure health-care professionals have proper PPE, including N95s:

Visit: http://www.ona.org/ppe/